The City of Spokane Valley has begun its fall street sweeping to help maintain stormwater drainage systems. Sweepers will work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday into late November to clean city streets. Residents are asked to:

• Keep leaves and debris from their property off the roadway.
• Remove items such as basketball hoops and bicycles that may block the roadway.
• Use caution when approaching or passing street sweeping vehicles to avoid dust and debris that can be swept into the air.

A map of street sweeping areas can be viewed here. Areas in orange on the map are locations where street sweeping is currently underway. After those areas get swept, the color will be updated to green.

Cleaning streets each spring and fall clears accumulating debris that can clog drainage systems, resulting in standing water in the roadway. In addition:

• Street sweeping maximizes taxpayer dollars to help keep streets in good condition.
• It’s more cost-effective than vacuuming the dry wells filled with accumulated debris.
• It’s less expensive than replacing dry wells that no longer function.

Street sweeping is funded primarily by the City’s Stormwater Fund and supplemented by the Street Fund.

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