Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Cameras for unlawful drivers

Re: “Photo Red makes signal worse,” Sept. 30:

The most common question posed about Photo Red is, “Will I get a ticket if I’m already in the intersection when the light turns red?” If you are there prior to the red light, you will not.

This program is for blatant red-light runners who cross the painted stop line after the light has gone red and cause collisions at our worst intersections. The first photo is as the front tires of the car contact the stop line. At the top of that photo, listed with statistics such as date and time, will be “r-time”: how long the light had been red when it was taken. The second photo is of the car all the way through the intersection.

There are many people that drive through the intersection of Mission and Hamilton every day. I am aware turning left there during rush hour is difficult. The program is designed to catch red-light runners, not to affect drivers making legitimate movements through intersections.

This public safety program is solely violator-funded. As long as you don’t run red lights, it will cost you nothing. I fully expect it will improve safety for the general driving public in our city.

Teresa Fuller
Photo Red officer, Spokane Police Department

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