Legal Disclaimer: Spokane Valley
is not legally required to provide pancakes
that look like this.

So here’s how I get through the holiday season: I make my way around to all the open houses and parties almost nightly and take advantage of the free food. So here’s your chance to capitalize on my idea; the official kickoff for Bike to Work Week in the City of Spokane was a pancake breakfast held yesterday at Riverfront Park.

If you really like pancakes, or you really like free food, or you just really like bicycling, or you live in the Valley, or any of the above, there’s another pancake feed this week to mark Bike to Work Week. This one is hosted by the City of Spokane Valley.

It’s Thursday morning, May 16 starting at 7 a.m. at CenterPlace, which is adjacent to Mirabeau Point on the Centennial Trail. Wow, how convenient is that if you’re already riding the trail? And if you’re not, go a little out of your way for some free pancakes. You’re going to burn off those extra calories anyway.

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