I heard a four letter word on the news this morning. That’s right. Snow. Is it too early to start saying ‘Bah Humbug?’ because that’s how I feel. Snow if fun to play in- for a while- but driving in it gets old REAL fast. All those collisions, closed roads, slideoffs, etc. can really slow you down.

So how to avoid all that mess? By using the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC) website. The site is high-tech and real-time with information for all of Spokane County. 24-hours a day you can watch over 70 live traffic cameras, read about incidents that are automatically updated as they happen, and be alerted to road closures and delays to plan your commute to avoid backups and dangerous areas.

SRTMC staff monitor the traffic cameras to identify any trouble areas and alert the proper authorities before a minor problem becomes a major backup. And they have a really cool new video wall in there (shown in the picture) that I think needs to be hijacked for a Super Bowl party. Unfortunately, no one listens to me around here.

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