It took me 1 1/2 hours to get to work today, but I’m here! And glad to be here too. Was starting to get cabin fever and a little looney. I think my pets are glad I’m working today too, I was considering dressing the cat up in doll clothes just for something to do. Bob wasn’t very happy about that.

Anyway, a couple things I observed on my death march into work this morning:

– The good news: people were taking it very easy on the freeway. I think we only got up to 40 mph, and I only saw two slide-offs. The bad news: Drivers weren’t moving over to let people merge as they were trying to get onto the freeway at the on-ramps. This caused some scary moments.

– If you are stopping to help pull someone out of a snowdrift or their driveway, PLEASE get as far off the road as you can before getting out to hook up their car with your tow chain. One clown stopped in the middle of Harvard Road in Liberty Lake this morning to help someone. That’s great, but he also left his door wide open, leaving no room for people to get around. They were going into the median, which bogged things down even worse.

– Thanks to all the people who took it upon themselves to plow public roads! A very nice man in a big pickup was plowing Harvard this morning when I came through.

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