The March meeting of the SRTC Board is this Thursday, March 9 at 1 p.m. The agenda is here. Some items that I think will be of particular interest are the Additional Surface Transportation Block Grant Program and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Project Selections and the City of Spokane Comp Plan update- Transportation Chapter.

That first item means we will be adding additional projects to the Transportation Improvement Program, which is the document of projects and programs that will be built or implemented in the next four years. We have a certain amount of money that is allocated to be distributed to local projects each year, and if this amount isn’t spent, it can potentially mean that we won’t receive as much the next year. Because some projects come in below budget and others get cancelled or postponed for various reasons, we are looking like we could potentially come up a little short this year. As a result, more projects are being added to make sure we reach our goals.

The Comprehensive Plan update will be a City of Spokane staff member presenting on what has changed when the transportation chapter of the Comp Plan was updated recently.

All SRTC committee meetings are open to the public so please feel free to attend if interested.

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