Following a nationwide search, the SRTC Board has hired an Executive Director. Kevin S. Wallace joins our team on Sept. 6 from his current position in Phoenix, AZ. Here’s a news release about Mr. Wallace and his qualifications.

We’re very excited to have Kevin coming on board. With all the concern over the reauthorization of the federal transportation bill, hard economic times and the changing role of Metropolitan Planning Organizations, we are looking forward to using his knowledge to steer us in a new direction. Believe me, he’s going to be earning his money; there’s a LOT going on here.

We’d also like to thank Mark Rohwer, who was pulled out of retirement to serve as our Interim Transportation Manager while the hiring process was underway. Mark had the tough task of figuring out what exactly we do here on an everyday basis, making some tough budget choices and keeping employee morale up at a time when there was a lot of concern over the state of the economy. He’s done a great job and we hope he heads right back to his hammock when we release him back into retirement.

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