Cancel whatever plans you had for this Sunday, June 3, and come see me at the Summer Parkways event. You know you were just going to be lying on the couch watching Nascar anyway. 

Spokane Summer Parkways is an idea inspired by an event in Bogota, Colombia called Ciclovia (meaning “bike path” in Spanish) and similar events in other parts of the world. The focus is on recreation, fitness, and community. Four miles of roadway will be closed to automobiles and the streets opened to bikes, pedestrians, skaters, and other human-powered transportation.

This Sunday’s Summer Parkway takes place in the Garry/Logan neighborhood.

You can find a map of the route and other information about the event here. It’s from noon to 3 p.m.

There will also be physical fitness activities along the route like yoga, Zumba, hula hoops, tai chi, fencing, dancing, Pilates, self defense, jump rope, hacky sack, and martial arts. You’re also encouraged to bring your own games and hobbies along (e.g. picnics, music, chalk art, hopscotch, bubbles, juggling, jump rope, etc).
Unfortunately, I won’t be there sporting my awesome Britney Spears roller skates, but I will be talking to people about Horizon 2040, SRTC’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). We’re required to update our MTP every four years and it’s a major undertaking that is best completed with a LOT of public input. The MTP is a long-term plan for the region’s transportation system for the next 20+ years. Since a lot of people have a lot of different ideas about they’d like to see our transportation network develop between now and 2040, we like to get out into the community and talk to you about your ideas.
I’m hoping to set up my table somewhere near Mission Park, so come find me and give me your thoughts.

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