If you work or drive on Sprague Avenue between Park Road and the I-90 overpass, you will want to attend a community meeting on Wednesday, June 13 from 6:30-8:00 pm at Park Place Assisted Living Center. City of Spokane Valley Public Works staff will be on hand to discuss and get input on the proposed Sprague Avenue Swale Project.

Anticipated for construction during fall 2012 and/or spring 2013, the proposed project includes adding stormwater drainage swales along both sides of Sprague Avenue between Park Road and Thierman Road.
The swales would include city-maintained grasses and trees to help filter contaminants from stormwater and prevent them from entering the aquifer. In addition to upgrading sidewalk ramps for improved pedestrian access, the existing bike lane on the north side of Sprague would be upgraded.

The project also involves restriping Sprague Avenue from five lanes to four lanes to accommodate the improvements outlined above.
Input from the community is needed to help evaluate modifications to driveway approaches that may be needed for safety and to accommodate the swales, and to identify the best locations for trees in the swales. Of particular interest is information from representatives of businesses in the project area to plan for minimizing impacts and maintaining access while construction is under way.

Park Place Assisted Living is located at 511 S. Park Road in Spokane Valley. The meeting will be held in the Dining Room.

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