Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Gas prices fuel pedestrianism

The price of eveything has gone up, again and again. Every week โ€“ if not every day โ€“ they add a few pennies to the price of just about everything. As a single mom, I found myself without gas or even a dollar for the bus. I had no choice but to walk to work โ€“ so I did โ€“ from near Havana to near downtown. Apparently all one has to do is walk along Sprague Avenue to be stopped and held/delayed by the police for suspicion of prostitution. It seems that the police haven’t grasped onto the notion that respectable mothers may now be forced to walk. But they had better get used to it, because it looks like I’ll have to make that walk again. Pedestrians beware.

Kristine Schuler

Wow, how humiliating! What’s the worst that’s happened to you while walking? Ever been sprayed by water when a car drove through a puddle or yelled at by dirty old men? I had a boyfriend who used to have long hair when he was younger and was kind of skinny. He said a truckfull of teenage boys pulled up behind him one time hooting and hollering and telling him to, ‘Shake it, baby.’ Guess they were kind of surprised when he turned around and they saw he was a guy ๐Ÿ™‚

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