Spokane Valley is looking to hire a federal lobbyist to bring in transportation funds, according to the Spokesman-Review. The move will cost the city $92,400, including $18,000 in travel to Washington D.C. That’s about twice what the city of Spokane spends for federal lobbying, but Valley officials say they’re willing to spend more to hopefully make more.

In particular, officials are hoping to come up with money for the $29 million Pines Road grade separation project, which will replace an at-grade rail crossing with an overpass.

The federal lobbyist’s job will be to research available funding for transportation projects, as well as gain congressional support for grant applications. This position will also be responsible for communicating the city’s transportation needs with the United States Department of Transportation, key decision makers in Congress, federal agencies and trade groups.

The city anticipates contracting with a firm for this work while retaining its state lobbyists to work on other issues.

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