If you are interested in transportation in Spokane Valley, you will want to attend the Valley’s City Council meeting on May 23. There will be public hearings on the 2018-23 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), according to a Spokesman-Review article.

The transportation improvement program, or TIP, determines which projects the city will focus on and try to get grant money for in the next five years. It includes two railroad crossings: a grade separation that would take Pines Road under the BNSF railroad tracks for $18.6 million and a Barker Road grade separation that could cost $16.8 million.

Also on the list are improvements to the intersection of Barker Road and Sprague Avenue, where new housing developments have increased traffic, backing traffic up for blocks during peak hours. The Appleway Trail section from Sullivan Road to Evergreen Road is includes as well, along with paving on Argonne Road near the freeway overpass.

The entire budget amendment and the TIP are available online at www.spokanevalley.org

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