The city of Spokane Valley is lowering the speed limit on Eight Avenue to make it safer, according to the Spokane Valley News Herald.

The intersection of McDonald Road and Eighth Avenue had several T-bone crashes in the past. East-west drivers are required to stop at the signs on Eighth, but those driving on McDonald travelers continue through at 35 mph. Many on McDonald stopped at the sign but misjudged the speed of the north-south traffic. Over the summer, flashing beacons were put in place and vegetation was cleared away from signage to improve the sight distance, which made a difference, but there are still concerns that the 35 mph limit is too fast.

An engineering study was conducted to measure speeds on Eighth between Pines and Sullivan, which includes McDonald. Results showed that the average speed is between 30 and 32 mph – below the current 35 mph limit. Additionally, the street is designated a “Safe Route to School,” which means there are plenty of pedestrians, many of them school-age children.

As a result, the Spokane Valley City Council discussed dropping the speed limit in that area to 30 mph and will have a formal vote on the issue on Nov. 14.

A similar study is slated for Eighth west of Pines, where portions of the roadway are as low as 25 mph due to curvature.

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