Not sure how I missed this late last week but I did. If your bike has been stolen, Spokane police may have it. SPD is hoping to return a collection of stolen bikes and bike parts to their rightful owners.

Officers last week arrested a man on investigation of possession of stolen property after discovering bicycles in “various stages of disrepair” in the vehicle he was riding in. They went to the man’s home and found more bike parts and other items they believed were stolen. This added four additional stolen property charges, as well as a drug possession charge, to the man’s problems.

Now the department is hoping to return people’s property to them. The department posted photos of the recovered items on its Facebook page. Anyone who thinks a bike or other item belongs to them should call Officer Stephanie Kennedy at (509) 370-1583.

You are also encouraged to register your bike online in case it ever is stolen on the City of Spokane website or at a local COPS Shop.

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