Thanks to Bike to Work Barb for sending me this item: Congratulations to Spokane! According to ‘TheStreet and Bundle,’ Spokane has one of the top ten ‘best commutes’ in the country.

How did they determine this? By determining how much people spend each year for transportation and what cities are the worst in terms of expenses, plus the average commute length, miles traveled and annual hours delayed.

According to this survey, Dallas, TX has the worst commute with an average of 38 minutes and 53 hours of delay per year. Eugene, OR has the best with an average 17 minute commute and 11 hours of delay per year. Spokane had the fifth best commute, with an average time of 30 minutes and nine hours of delay per year. No word on where our Idaho neighbors came in at.

Here’s how the rest of the numbers shook out.

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