The City of Spokane yesterday announced a list of traffic-calming projects that will be paid for from proceeds from red light camera infractions. Twenty-one projects have been selected for construction, out of 74 applications, totaling around $485,000. The projects are scheduled to be built in 2013.
This past spring, neighborhoods were asked to identify and submit applications for projects intended to encourage drivers to adhere to speed limits to improve safety for pedestrian and bicyclists and improve the walking environment.
A traffic-calming subcommittee, made up of a Council member from each Council District, selected the final projects. City Council will approve the final list and budget.
The traffic-calming project list for 2013, broken down by District, includes:

District 1: Purchase of two small mobile speed feedback signs that will be placed in various areas throughout District 1.

• Chief Garry Park Neighborhood: Installation of a crosswalk at Regal St. and Mission Ave.; and Cook St. and Mission Ave. crossing to Chief Garry Park.

• East Central Neighborhood: Implementation of University District/Sprague Corridor Study traffic calming elements on E. Sprague Ave.

• Bemiss Neighborhood: Permanent speed sign on Cook St. near Shaw Middle School and Northeast Community Center.

• Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood: Install a traffic circle at Lyons Ave. and Cincinnati St.

• Logan Neighborhood: Conduct traffic study on E. Sinto Ave. in conjunction with Gonzaga University.

District 2:

• East Central Neighborhood: Permanent speed feedback sign on Perry St. near its intersection with 12th Ave.

• Cliff/Cannon Neighborhood: Curb bump-outs on Maple St. at Eighth and Ninth avenues.

• Manito/Cannon Hill Neighborhood: Crosswalk striping and signage at 25th Ave. and Bernard St.

• Rockwood Neighborhood: Install solar pedestrian beacons at 18th Ave. and Grand Blvd.

• Comstock Neighborhood: Install sidewalks from 210 to 226 W. 37th Ave.

• Lincoln Heights: Install sidewalks on both sides of Freya St. from 36th to 37th avenues.

• Joint Manito/Cannon Hill and Comstock Neighborhoods: Install pedestrian crossing at Manito Blvd. and 29th Ave., type to be determined from neighborhood input.
District 3:

• Five Mile Neighborhood: Connect separated sidewalks on Horizon Ave. from west of F St. to E St. Install crosswalk and signage at Cascade Way/Lincoln Rd. and Five Mile Rd.

• Emerson Garfield Neighborhood: Traffic circles on Montgomery Ave. at Cedar, Jefferson, and Madison streets; and two bump-outs on Montgomery Ave. with its intersection with Adams St. Additionally, sidewalks will be installed on Adams St. from Mansfield to Montgomery avenues.

• North Hill Neighborhood: Install crosswalk at Garland Ave. and Normandie St.

• West Central Neighborhood: Install crosswalk with flashing beacon at Elm St. and Maxwell Ave.

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