While it’s actually been going full steam ahead for a little while now, the City of Spokane just sent out  news release saying construction season in the City of Spokane is getting into full swing.
The City has scheduled 32 major street and utility projects for 2013, totaling $47 million in work. A variety of maintenance work is also scheduled, including pothole repair and other pavement repairs; street striping and sweeping; repairs to water services, valves, and hydrants; and work to reline sewer pipes.

For each $1 million in construction, about 25 jobs are created, which means this year’s construction projects will put nearly 1,200 people to work.
The City works to minimize disruption to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists by coordinating street and utility projects and informing private utility companies when work is scheduled.

A couple of major construction projects already are under way are:

• Francis Avenue. The City will rehabilitate Francis from Division Street to Haven Street this year. Construction between Crestline and Haven is under way now.

• 29th Avenue. Work to rehabilitate 29th Avenue from High Drive to Bernard began in early March. This part of a larger project that started in 2012 to rehabilitate 29th from High Drive to Grand Boulevard.
Other big street projects scheduled this year include rehabilitating:

• 14th Avenue from Lincoln Street to Grand Boulevard.

• Rockwood Boulevard from Cowley to Southeast Boulevard.

• Third Avenue in east downtown from Division to Arthur Streets.
The City also will replace the Lincoln Heights water booster station, replace water mains in portions of Crestline Street, Euclid Avenue, and Kendick Avenue, and begin construction on two tanks to reduce outfalls to the Spokane River from combined stormwater and wastewater sewers, among other things.

There is a link to information on all the City’s construction projects for 2013 at www.srtc.org on the home page.

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