The southbound Sullivan Road Bridge across the Spokane River is expected to partially reopen to traffic tomorrow, according to a news release just sent out by Spokane Valley officials. The bridge has been closed since January for temporary repairs to help prolong its functional use until it can be replaced.

Traffic will remain temporarily reduced to one lane northbound on the northbound bridge and one lane southbound on the southbound bridge while contractors pour concrete traffic islands and replace barriers on the north end of the bridges. If weather conditions cooperate, both bridges may be completely reopened to traffic on Friday, February 17, about a week ahead of schedule.

Traffic on the southbound bridge will no longer be subject to weight restrictions posted in early 2011. Lifting the restrictions allows local businesses to resume using the bridge for carrying heavy loads across the river.

Planning and design work is already under way for a replacement southbound bridge. About half of the estimated $19.7 million needed for the replacement has been received from federal sources distributed through WSDOT, and from the state Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board.

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