Okay folks, here’s the deal- this picture on the left? Yeah, that could be me next Thursday if you don’t help out. That’s because, with the boss not here, I may not be able to figure out just what to do with myself. And I get really sleepy in the afternoons sometimes when the office is warm.

So where is the boss going that is so important as to leave me unattended? To jail! That’s right, Kevin Wallace has been bad. Alright, he hasn’t really but it’s fun to give him trouble about it. Kevin has graciously agreed to take part in the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual fund raiser that puts folks behind bars to raise money to fight muscular diseases.

If Kevin doesn’t raise $2500 by next Thursday, guess what? It’s the pokey for him and nap/play time for me. I’m impressed though- Kevin has already raised $980. Not bad for a guy that’s fairly new to town. If you want to help out and keep me from having an easy day, go to his MDA website and give whatever you can. Consider it a contribution to the state of our local transportation system.

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