The Washington State Department of Transportation wants you to know their crews are ready to handle snow and ice control duties. For the duration of the winter, 200 crew members will work two shifts, seven days a week, to keep the 1,600 miles of state highways in the seven northeastern counties safe.

93 snowplows are stationed throughout the region, and 14 liquid anti-ice chemical trucks. Maintenance teams are on duty from around 4:00 a.m. to midnight or later. Liquid and solid chemicals, plus sand, are important tools in snow and ice control.

Some advice from the WSDOT:

– Check for accidents and dangerous roads by logging onto the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center website.
– Watch out for slippery bridge decks, even when the rest of the road fine.
– Don’t use cruise control.
– Don’t follow too closely.
– Slow down!

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