– The City of Spokane Valley is asking for your help to develop a Bike and Pedestrian Master Program (BPMP). They’re asking for your thoughts and comments through this short, 10-question survey.

– The Spokane Police Department is launching a bike lane violation enforcement effort. They have just put the finishing touches on the carparkedinbikelane@spokanepolice.org email address and would like you to use the email address to notify them of cars parked in bike lanes. In order to follow up, they will need you to provide an approximate address of where the vehicle is parked, the make, model and color of the vehicle, the time and date of the violation, and a photograph of the vehicle parked in the bike lane.

– The Spokane Valley City Council will vote Tuesday, June 29, on whether to reject grant funding for the Broadway safety project that would include the addition of bike lanes.

City leaders are worried that narrowing Broadway to add bike lanes would defeat the purpose of an arterial and are considering not constructing the project.

– The new event ‘Spokane Summer Parkways’ needs your help. On Sunday, July 11 and Sunday, August 22 from 9 am to 1 pm, 2 miles of Howard Street from Riverfront Park to Corbin Park will be closed to automobiles and opened up to create a 5-mile loop for bikes, pedestrians, skaters, and other human-powered forms of transportation.

Volunteers are needed to set up and break down the course, direct traffic, assist vendors, help with recycling and provide information to participants. If you can help, visit
summerparkways.com and sign up.

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