I made the trek to the west side of the state this weekend and am happy to report that, despite warnings from the Washington State Department of Transportation, there were no traffic stoppages on the pass. There were two portions of I90 on Snoqualmie that were reduced to one lane of traffic and the speed limit dropped to 50 miles per hour, but traffic moved smoothly through them. Of course, it was about 9 a.m. when I went through, so not a lot of traffic. The situation might be different at a different time of the day. My brother and his family got trapped on the pass for about three hours one day last summer. My sister-in-law has vowed never to use Snoqualmie again as a result, so we’ll see how that works for her.

Once I actually got to the west side, I was happy to see that those crazy Olympians are still using their stop signs not just for driving direction but for social commentary as well.

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