Spokane County just sent out a news release saying you’re going to see some changes on SR 27 from the town of Rockford to Trent Avenue in the City of Spokane Valley as a result of the SR 27 Traffic Safety Project.

The project is a partnership of the Washington State Department of Transportation, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and engineering, enforcement, and education agencies. Its goal is to reduce the number of injuries and collisions on the roadway. 185 collisions occurred on this section of State Route 27 last year.

The changes include more law enforcement patrols, signage improvements and a public information/education campaign. The first item you’ll probably notice is new flashing beacon signs installed near Jackson Road to alert drivers they’re approaching the Freeman school area.

And while you’re zipping through that area at 50 miles per hour, the next thing you’ll probably notice is the Washington State trooper, the Spokane County Sheriff, or the Spokane Valley officer pulling you over. They’re increasing patrols to target drivers who disregard traffic lights, speed, and follow too close. So slow it down a little.

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