Spokane International Airport is reconfiguring the traffic lanes on outbound Airport Drive near Flint Road this Friday, May 25. This realignment is expected to improve traffic flow for customers exiting the Parking Exit Plaza as well as improve safety by requiring a merge to the left rather than to the right when departing the airport on outbound Airport Drive.

In order to remove and reinstall lane markings, roadway edge markings, merge arrows and lane ending warning signs, part of outbound Airport Drive will need to be temporarily closed to safely complete the work. The work is scheduled to be performed from 12:30-3:30 a.m. to minimize impact to passengers, airport staff and airport tenants. There will be no impact to traffic arriving at the airport. Exiting traffic will be detoured, and outbound Airport Drive is scheduled to be reopened to normal traffic after 3:30am.

In the current configuration drivers exiting the airport on outbound Airport Drive in the middle left lane are directed to merge right just past Flint Road, while the right two lanes proceed past the intersection in the same lane:





After the traffic realignment project is done, however, drivers in the middle left and right lanes will proceed in the same lane while drivers in the far right lane will now merge right just past Flint Road:

Road construction signs and barrels will be used to direct drivers out of the airport during the three-hour closure.  The detour will take traffic north on Flint Road, across inbound Airport Drive, to the traffic signal at Highway 2. Drivers will be instructed to turn right onto Highway 2 and proceed to meet up with Interstate 90 or Sunset Highway.


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