So what’s the future of personal transportation? A member of Spokane’s Bicycle Advisory Board introduced me ‘Shweeb’ and thinks it could possibly be the next big thing. Shweeb is an integration of the monorail and the recumbent bicycle- kind of like our gondolas only on a smaller scale, and powered by you. So not only are you getting where you need to go, but you’re also getting exercise doing it.

Currently Shweeb is only available as a ride at an amusement park in New Zealand, but it’s creators think it could be built in a city somewhere as a public transit system. Here’s the Shweeb website in case you want to contact the company to have one installed in your backyard.

And here is a video about how Shweeb works. It looks pretty cool, if you can get past the creepiness of ‘Dermett’ the show host, long enough to watch it.

What are the pros and cons you see about Shweeb? Think people would use it if it was built here or are we Americans too lazy and too in love with our cars?

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