Riverside Avenue between Monroe and Division streets in downtown Spokane is scheduled to be rebuilt over the next few years, starting as early as 2019.  A Connect Downtown event is set for Monday, May 21, from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Rotary Fountain Plaza at the south entrance to Riverfront Park to fill you in on details of that project.

Using information gathered from a survey and other public outreach, a basic concept for the street has been selected that incorporates a new arrangement of travel lanes, bike lanes, and stations for the Spokane Transit Authority Central City Line that is planned for the future.

At the event, you can learn about options that allow bike lanes, parking, and the Central City Line to work together on Riverside. There will also be discussion about applying different aesthetic treatments in a “focus zone” portion of the project. You will be asked how you use Riverside today and how you would like to use it in the future. 


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