Read today’s weather report from the Spokesman-Review then refer to the previous posting regarding snow tires. Then repeat after me: ‘*&^%$#$#!@)(*&^%$!’

Snow advisory predicts 1 to 3 inches tonight
Staff reports
April 4, 2008

The region’s strange spring weather will continue this weekend with rain and snow expected.

A snow advisory from the National Weather Service predicted 1 o 3 inches could fall around the Inland Northwest, with some areas getting as much as 6. The overnight low should be about 34 in Spokane and 27 in Coeur d’Alene.

Snow is likely before 11 a.m. Saturday, followed by a chance of rain showers.

So, I need some help keeping my sanity. Tell me what you’re doing to keep your spirits up until the real spring arrives.

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