I know a lot of folks who read this blog are ‘agency’ people, so I’m posting this item in case you hadn’t heard about it yet; the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)just issued a call for projects for the Safe Routes to School (SRS) program.

That means that cities, counties, transit companies and tribes can apply for funding for projects that increase the number of children walking and biking to school where it is safe, and if it’s not safe, work to make it safer. The program supports pedestrian and bicycle safety projects such as walking to school buses, sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian safety education, bicycle safety skills classes, crossing guards, speed feedback signs and traffic safety cameras.

Eligible Safe Routes projects are those within two-miles of primary and middle schools (grades K-8), and that address engineering solutions, educational and encouragement programs, and law enforcement efforts.

If you’re not with a local agency but have an idea for a SRS project that would improve safety for children in your area, contact your local jurisdiction to see if they’re willing to look into it. More information on the program and the applications process can be found here.

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