You’re driving a car and you approach a roundabout. What do you do? Okay, say now you’re a pedestrian or on a bicycle and approach a roundabout. Now what do you do? While roundabouts are growing in popularity with engineers and transportation planners, many members of the public still aren’t comfortable with using them, or the correct way to do so.

Others have different questions about roundabouts- do they cost more to build than a traditional traffic signal? Do they pose a safety risk because rescue vehicles can’t get through them (actually they are built to accommodate rescue vehicles and they actually improve safety)? How do you exit a two-lane roundabout?

To answer those questions, and more, SRTC is hosting a Roundabout Community Conversation this week from 6-8 p.m. on June 6 at CenterPlace Regional Event Center in Spokane Valley. A panel of national experts will cover everything from national roundabout trends to design (did you know roundabouts don’t actually have to be round?), to how they can contribute to the “livability” of a community and how to correctly navigate them.

There will also be time for questions so come prepared to pick our expert’s brains. Questions?
More information is included in a flyer here.

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