It’s a sure sign of spring when neighborhood street sweeping starts.

Sweeping will be done between 6 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, starting April 27. Residents are asked to move their vehicles from the street during sweeping.

Next week, crews will sweep the areas bounded by these streets:

Northwest: A St. to Driscoll Blvd. and Rowan Ave. to Francis Ave.
Wellesley Ave. to Rowan Ave. and Driscoll Blvd. to A St.
Kathleen Ave. to the north City limits and Indian Trail Rd. to Skyline Dr.

Northeast: Hough St. to South Riverton Dr. and Mission Ave. to the river.
Division St. to Mission Ave. and Helena St./South Riverton Dr. to Trent Ave./Parkwater Rd.

South: 18th Ave. to Fifth Ave. and Southeast Blvd. to Crestline St.
Second Ave. to 29th Ave. and Monroe St. to Cannon St.

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