Attaching a picture like this won’t get your pothole
filled any sooner, by the way.

If you hadn’t heard already, the City of Spokane launched a new online way to report potholes last week. 

Just go to and enter information about the size and location of the pothole. You can also “pin” the location on a map and send along a photo. The reported information will go directly to the City’s Street Department to be scheduled for repair.

The service works on:

• iPhones and iPads with operating systems 5 or 6.
• Droid devices with “ice cream sandwich” or “jelly bean” using a Google Chrome browser.
• Computers with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browsers.

A short tutorial video on how to use the website is available at

If you prefer though, you can continue to report potholes by calling the Street Department at 625-7733. Crews prioritize pothole repairs based on size and location, with the largest potholes on the busiest streets being repaired first.

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