We’ve been talking for years about how decades of underinvestment in regular maintenance have left the nation’s roads in poor condition, and the cost of repairing them is rising faster than we can address it. But just how bad is the situation? A report released this week by Smart Growth America and Taxpayers for Common Sense examines road conditions and spending priorities in all 50 states.

For instance, the report says 44% of Washington’s roads have fallen out of good condition, and it would take approximately $426,173,431 per year over the next twenty years to bring them into good repair and keep them that way. The report goes on to say that, despite this need, that’s not what we’ve been spending our transportation funds on.

Here’s a link to the report so you can see where our money has been going. Plus, there’s a cool interactive online map where you can click on each state to view transportation funding statistics specific to it.

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