Thanks to blogger Charles who was out on special assignment yesterday. Here’s how he describes his drive down Market-Haven:

“I drove down Market-Haven today from Francis to Garland. From Francis to the Hillyard Pool they have all 4 lanes done ONE coat of asphault (sic), so a big bump at each end, so I guess they will do the second or finish coat when they get the rest done. South of Ziggys to Garland similar except only two south bound lanes done north bound lanes still look like a battle field as does downtown Hillyard.”

Battle Field huh? When I worked in the local news business one of the reporters called a construction zone ‘Beirut.’ Not really applicable these days but it always makes me grin when I think of that. Anyway, thanks again Charles, I’ll talk to the boss about getting you on the payroll. And in the meantime, take it easy on those single layers of asphalt. Those bumps at each end and the ruts are hell for motorcyclists.

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