There are two major asphalt paving projects on US 395 in Stevens County. The first is from just north of Deer Park to Loon Lake. The second is from Loon Lake to Immel Road, about five-miles north of Chewelah. There are different contractors for each job as they were bid separately. Consequently, drivers will experience delays on both projects, possibly at multiple locations, as different phases of each job may be taking place.

Drivers need to expect delays and add extra time to their trip planning, especially commuters from Colville, Chewelah, and Loon Lake, to jobs in Spokane and motorists from those communities with time sensitive appointments or obligations.

Because of the rural nature of this area, there are not efficient alternate routes. In addition, this is a heavily-traveled corridor so congestion and delays of up to 20minutes at the various work locations may be possible.

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