Because every bike thief dresses like this right?

Bike theft is common pretty much everywhere, and Spokane is no exception. Often when bikes are
stolen, they’re left somewhere later where police retrieve them. There are many bikes that go unclaimed every year that Spokane law enforcement agencies hang onto. If your bike is stolen, you can increase the odds of getting it back by registering it with C.O.P.S., the Community Oriented Policing Service. Here’s some info on registering your bike:

  • Volunteers take information on the bike; including size, gender, color and serial number.  
  • The owner of the bicycle will give their name, address and phone number so they can be contacted if their bike is found.  
  • A numbered sticker is placed on the bike that will identify the substation and the owner information.  
  • Some C.O.P.S. Substations sponsor Bike Rodeos and Safety Fairs where the bikes get an inspection and tune-up.  
  • Bike helmets will be available while supplies last to children and adults who don’t have one and safety brochures are given to the parents.
A lot of good reasons to register your bike right? Click here to find out how to do so.
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