Here’s an update on funds generated by the Photo Red cameras. I attended a Pedestrian, Transportation, and Traffic Committee meeting last night (a subcommittee of the City’s Community Assembly group) and got this information:

– The City’s Director of Neighborhood Services sent out an email Monday announcing the 2010 Traffic Calming Program. This program is an opportunity for neighborhoods to apply for funding for traffic calming projects. Money to fund these projects is generated by the Photo Red Program.

– Neighborhoods have until June 11 to submit applications. Types of roads eligible for funding include all non-residential, non state highway/roadways. Types of traffic calming projects eligible are speeed indicator signs (permanent and mobile), curb bump outs, crosswalk striping, crossing signage, bike lanes, sharrows, trees, sequence lights, and sidewalks.

– Only $50,000 per city council district is available, so not all projects will receive funding. City engineers will evaluate all proposed projects based on their costs and expected impact on traffic speeds and safety.

– Three representatives from City Council (one from each district) will make the final determination of which projects are funded.

– The funds are expected to be available again in 2011 so those neighborhoods who don’t receive them this year can reapply then.

Every time I mention red light cameras on here, I get a LOT of comments. Well warm up your typing fingers because I’m about to do it again.

On their morning show this morning, KXLY did a couple promo pieces for a big sweeps piece they’re airing tonight called ‘Red Light Roulette.’ The piece talks about local red light cameras, how many tickets have been issued because of them, how much money has been collected on tickets, etc. and shows some pretty amazing video of the worst offenders caught running red lights.

Lots of collision video too. The video really grabbed me, I couldn’t stop watching. There is some really amazing stuff that drivers are doing out there. Apparently some people think that red lights are more a suggestion to stop than a command.

Even if you hate red light cameras, I think you’ll be amazed at some of the stuff going on in our intersections and agree that enforcement is needed. The KXLY piece airs at 5:00 tonight on channel 4.

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