The Spokane City Council voted unanimously last night to approve a contract to construct neighborhood traffic calming projects funded by money collected through the City’s Red Light Camera program. Eight traffic calming projects in eight neighborhoods will be constructed later this year for $285,000.

 In 2010, neighborhoods were asked to submit recommendations for locations that they identified as potentially dangerous due to high-volume or high-speed traffic. The neighborhoods were also asked to identify potential solutions for traffic calming. Since those applications were received, they have been approved by Council and designed by the City’s Engineering Services Department.

The fully designed projects were sent out to bid early this year, with the final contract approval by the City Council Monday. The projects include:

  • Logan neighborhood – bike and parking lanes on Illinois.
  • Minnehaha neighborhood – sidewalks on Myrtle.
  • Cliff/Cannon neighborhood – sidewalk bumpouts on Maple/Ash between 8th and 9th avenues.
  • East Central neighborhood – curve sequence lights on Thor and Hartson.
  • Lincoln Heights neighborhood – sidewalk bumpouts at 17th and Mt. Vernon.
  • Emerson Garfield neighborhood – sidewalks on Post.
  • Five Mile neighborhood – sidewalks on Five Mile Rd.
  • North Hill neighborhood – sidewalks on Courtland.

The City’s Red Light Camera program was launched in November 2008. Currently, there are 15 cameras monitoring 10 intersections throughout the City. One camera can cover up to four lanes of travel in one direction.

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