Roundabouts are a great way to keep traffic moving through busy intersections and increase safety. It’s hard to have a serious collision when you can only rear end someone at low speeds. A few drawbacks to roundabouts though is that they take a lot of time to install, are expensive and require a lot of space. Or at least they did in the past. A new option may change all that though. Meet rubber roundabouts.

According to Creative Traffic Solutions, these roundabouts are going to change the way we build these structures. The rubber version can be installed in less than one day in many cases (versus several months when built of concrete) because the sections are bolted directly to the road surface. This makes them more flexible in that they can be installed permanently or maybe just used as a temporary solution such as during major events.

According to their website, rubber roundabout are not only less expensive than traditional roundabouts, there’s also less cost when you consider the minimal amount of time traffic is disrupted to install them.

There are a variety of sizes and “fill options.” And you’ll be glad to hear they’re made from recycled rubber and there’s no need to break up existing pavement.

So think we will be seeing rubber roundabouts in our area anytime soon? Would be nice to give one a test drive. Yes, pun intended.

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