When I get off of public transit in many cities, I see a homeless guy panhandling and usually a lot of people smoking. When you get off public transit in Geneva, you will see a Buckingham Palace guard and the queen. Okay, not the actual queen, but an actor portraying her. It’s part of a new campaign to urge the people of Switzerland to adopt the famous British good manners when using public transportation.

The actors, a man in top hat and bow tie and a woman dressed as the Queen, are charged with┬áteaching patience and respect to travellers in Geneva. For instance, in England, public transportation users let people get off the bus or subway before they try to board. That doesn’t happen so much in Geneva apparently.

Switzerland has 5,200 km worth of train tracks, as well as a 21,529 km public transport network and a mountain railway with 1,384 km worth of coverage.

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