If you’re interested in the trails plan for Beacon Hill, you’re invited to a public meeting next week to view the final draft of the Beacon Hill Trails System Draft Concept Plan.

The meeting is June 3, from 5-7 p.m. at REI, 1125 N. Monroe St. so you can review the plan, ask questions, and preview the new trail map. The Draft concept Plan is also available here.

The Plan is the culmination of three years work by the Beacon Advisory Group (BAG), made of landowners, Parks representatives, neighbors, and trail users.

The trail system on Beacon Hill is heavily used; yet it has not been recognized as a community recreation resource. The Beacon Hill trail system connects to adjoining neighborhoods and links five parks. Private landowners comprise the major portion of ownerships within the system. Many have expressed support and desire to participate in the plan process and to continue to allow public use of their lands.

The Draft Concept Plan outlines a vision for the system and identifies potential maintenance needs and management issues, trail issues such as new trails, improvements or decommissioning and inventory, trailhead improvements, potential recreation opportunities, creation of an outdoor recreation center, and connections to the surrounding communities.

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