We’re proposing an amendment to the 2012-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and giving you a chance to comment on the proposed changes. The TIP is a programming document that identifies specific projects proposed to be undertaken during the upcoming four years. The proposed amendment includes the following projects:

City of Spokane: Citywide Heat Applied Thermoplastic Pedestrian Crosswalk Markings, Downtown Spokane Pedestrian Countdown Timer Signalized Intersection Modifications, Hamilton St./Nevada St. Pedestrian Countdown Timers – Sharp to Wellesley, and High Dr. & 29th Ave Congestion Mitigation Study and Design.

Spokane Transit Authority: Implementation of CAD/AVL for Real-Time Bus Information.

City of Spokane Valley: Wellesley/Adams Sidewalk Project, Argonne Rd Safety Improvements – Empire to Knox, Argonne/Mullan Corridor Safety Improvements – Indiana to Broadway, Citywide Safety Improvements, Mansfield Ave Connection, SR27 (Pines Road) and Grace Avenue.

All the details of the amendment can be found on the home page at https://www.srtc.org/ or a hardcopy can be received by calling (509) 343-6370. The comment period starts June 15, 2012 and all comments must be received by 4:30 p.m. on June 28, 2012 by emailing to contact.srtc@srtc.org, mailing to SRTC at 221 W. First Ave., Suite 310, Spokane, WA, or by calling (509) 343-6370.

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