If you’ve walked around downtown Spokane at all, you know there are some places that are not the most pedestrian-friendly. Sometimes it’s because sidewalks are broken or dangerous or traffic is rushing by at high speeds, making it uncomfortable to walk in areas. Other times though, it’s just a feeling you get. There’s one particular underpass in downtown Spokane that makes me nervous to walk under because it is gray and dingy, smells like urine and there are broken liquor bottles all over.

Well, Spokane city officials are doing something about it, moving forward with a plan to paint and upgrade downtown underpasses under I-90 and the railroad bridges.

The effort is focused on improving the appearance of freeway exits at Division, Lincoln and Maple streets, as well as 18 railway underpasses. So where will the money come from for this project and what will it pay for? The Spokesman-Review has the details.

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