Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Hand shovels to inmates

In the summer, we see the Spokane County prisoners picking up rubbish on the highways. What’s wrong with having them shovel off roofs of the elderly or shoveling off snowbound cars for those folks that need help? If folks made a voluntary contribution, it could go to the prisoners’ account either for paybacks or for some savings for later release.

Also, it’s nice to see Jim Camden and Bert Caldwell writing again for the Review. The editors can cut and cut until folks drop their deliveries because we miss local stories of interest. You can only cut so far.

Nathan Narrance

Actually Mr. Narrance, area prisoners are being utilized for snow removal. STA’s Ombudsman Susan Millbank was at SRTC yesterday and she said that, for the first time, prisoners were and are being used this year to clear snow away from STA bus stops!

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