Recently, SRTC issued a Call for Projects for the potential Federal JOBS Bill funding being considered by Congress. All projects must be able to move forward within 90 days.

The following projects were submitted by area jurisdictions:

City of Spokane
– Addison & Standard, Francis to Colton $2,400,000 Federal funds requested
– Hatch Road, 43rd to Perry $580,000 Federal funds requested
– Addison/Francis Concrete Intersection $900,000 Federal funds requested

– Main & Ticknor Pedestrian Safety Project $135,000 Federal funds requested

Spokane County
– Argonne Rd, Bigelow to Welleseley $2,416,851 Federal funds requested

If you have any comments on these projects, a 30-day public comment period opens March 16 and goes to April 15.

You can submit comments by clicking here.

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