Those Portlanders are always making us look lazy. They constantly make everyone’s bicycling habits look paltry and now, as we are over here just complaining about our pothole problem, their citizens are actually patching them. Not that we suggest that here.

According to CityLab, a group called Portland Anarchist Road Care was started in February as a response to deteriorating road conditions, which they believe make driving and cycling less safe (as well as a financial burden to owners of damaged vehicles). These avengers are actually mixing materials and patching holes in roads.

They have patched holes on three city blocks and are monitoring others to fix holes that pop up. They don’t feel it is necessary to ask the City or wait for the City to fix the streets as they believe streets belong to the people.

No response yet from the City of Portland, but being Portland I’m sure they will deputize them or send them a goat or something.

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