Results from the first in a series of surveys designed to gather information on pedestrian habits in our area are now available.

SRTC, the City of Spokane, the Spokane Regional Health District, and the Regional Pedestrian Plan Committee are in the process of developing a Regional Pedestrian Plan for the area of Spokane County.

To develop a plan that addresses the needs and issues of pedestrians and promotes an increase in physical activity for residents of our area, a series of public surveys is being used to gather feedback on a variety of issues, such as why people walk, where they walk to, and what prevents them from walking. The information collected will be used to identify areas/issues that should be focused on to make it easier to walk in our community.

The first Pedestrian Plan survey was distributed electronically in June 2008. Approximately 1090 area citizens responded.
Here’s a link to the results. Take a look, then let us know if any of these results surprise you.

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