The media is slow on the topic of transportation today, so just to have something to post this morning I’ll tell you what’s ahead in my day: I’m leaving here in ten for City Hall where Jeff Selle from our office and I will run a mini-workshop aimed at forming a consortium of area agencies to apply for a Community Sustainability and Regional Planning Grant. It’s through the Department of Housing and Urban Development and could bring in several million dollars to our community, which is sorely needed right now. The partners in that could range from the City of Spokane to higher education institutions and social service agencies that help lower income families and people with disabilities. It’s going to be a huge undertaking but we believe we’re already striving to achieve several of the goals the grant shoots for, so we might be able to tackle this. I’d love to expand on those goals, but I can’t find my info packet on the grant right now, so I’ll fill you in later. Sorry, my ‘filing system’ needs some work.

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