New rates are going into effect at the City of Spokane’s 2,300+ parking meters to reflect new rates approved in December by the City Council.

The new prices are designed to standardize rates for short-term and long-term parking and are supported by a recommendation based directly on market demand in the 2011 Downtown Parking Study.

Rates at 30-minute spaces will be reduced, while those at two-hour, three-hour and 10-hour spaces will increase. Ninety-minute spaces remain the same.

Overall, parking rates for four hours or less will be a consistent $1.20 per hour, and more than four hours will be 40 cents per hour.

These changes may generate some additional revenue, which the City Council designated to be used for services including street maintenance and public safety as well as new streetscape improvements within the metered area.

The last change in parking meter fees took place in 2007. Prior to that, the parking meter fees had remained the same since 2000.

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