We’re having a party! Well, it’s more like an open house, I guess.

Spokane County’s population is expected to grow by 105,000 people by the year 2040. That means more people trying to get more people and more demand on the regional transportation system. Without some changes, our transportation system can’t keep up with that.

Our draft long-range transportation plan, Horizon 2040, lays out the direction for how the transportation system will grow in the next two decades. We’ve put a lot of time into developing this and now need to know that it will take the community where it wants to go. So we’re asking people come talk with us about what’s in the plan.

When: Wednesday, Nov. 1, 4-6 p.m. (no formal presentation so come anytime)
Where: 421 W. Riverside, Suite 504 (Paulsen Center building)

Click the open house flier below to view it full size.

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