Okay folks, your time is running out to express your opinion on the future of transportation in Spokane. You’ve only got one more week to play ‘A Thousand Visions- A Transportation Planning Game.’

The game is part of our Transportation Vision Project that is aimed at developing a long term transportation plan for all of Spokane County, including an implementation plan. It’s online here, on the Transportation Vision Project website.

The game lets you decide how much you’re willing to be taxed, which dictates how much money you have to spend on transportation ‘improvements.’ From there, you work through a list of possible future projects and ‘fund’ the ones that are a priority.

Results from the game will give us an idea how people want their transportation dollars spent in the future. The game is online through Monday, Nov. 29. I figure it’s kind of like voting; if you don’t do it, you can’t complain later if things don’t go your way.

And don’t forget that there’s something in it for you. If you complete the game in its entirety, your name goes into a drawing for a TomTom GPS unit.

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